🏗️The C.Scale™ Data Model

C.Scale Data Model v2.25.01

C.Scale is a whole life carbon calculation engine estimating emissions from the construction, renovation, and operation of buildings. When highly-detailed energy modeling and life cycle assessment aren't affordable or practicable, teams use C.Scale.

C.Scale is designed for use during site and feasibility studies, requests for proposals, pre-design, in retrospective analysis, or in other situations where a whole-building life cycle assessments and/or energy models are not practicable.

The model allows a user to enter a strict minimum of project parameters to test a wide range of the most meaningful carbon reductions strategies. It is the calculation engine behind numerous web applications and research efforts focused on both forward-looking planning and retrospective analysis of carbon emissions from buildings and the built environment.

We ship features continuously, and have an exciting roadmap for the year ahead. Features are developed in response to user feedback, to incorporate improved data, and to refine the tool's methodology. Something you'd like to see? Reach out.

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